Recently, I went riding in Groom Creek, which is in the Prescott area of Arizona. The trails are so nice and Groom Creek is a popular place to gather with your friends for a weekend horse campout or just a day ride. I decided to get together with four of my friends who have barefoot horses and blaze the pine tree lined trails for the day to get out of the Phoenix heat. Midway through our day, we stopped in the shade for a small breather. I smiled and then snapped a picture.

The horse I am on is wearing Easyboot Gloves. The horse behind the tree is wearing Easyboot Trails and the horse on the right is wearing Old Mac G2’s. The black and white horse is wearing Easyboot Back Country’s. The large horse on the left is completely bare. As a Team Easyboot member, it prides me to see Easycare products…but I had to laugh, how we all came together, each had different boots on our ponies, and that they ALL were EasyCare!

After this picture was taken, we had a wonderful conversation about why we chose the boots we had on our horses. The barefoot horses’ owner, although not booted on this ride, likes the Easyboot Gloves for her jumping and dressage events. What a nice day of riding, chatting, laughing and talking about two of my favorite subjects – horses and hoof boots.