EasyCare currently offers nine different styles of the EasyShoe. It’s understandable that choosing the right one for you and your horse can be a little overwhelming when you’re faced with so many choices.

We thought we would outline the general differences between each of the styles to help make your decision a little easier.

EasyShoe Compete

The Compete is a thin-webbed shoe with an internal metal spine that allows for adjustments so it can fit a variety of different hoof sizes and shapes. It is best suited for horses that are going to be racing on a track. It has the most traction of all of the EasyShoes.


EasyShoe Sport

The Sport was designed to be a multi-use shoe that falls between the Compete and the Performance. It has a little less traction than the Compete, but more than the Performance. It has more support than the Compete, but not as much as the Performance. It’s a great all-around shoe.


EasyShoe Performance

The Performance was designed to provide maximum solar protection and frog support. This shoe is ideal for long-distance rides because it supports the hoof without hampering heel expansion and contraction.



EasyShoe Performance N/G

The N/G was designed for those that wanted the benefits of the Performance shoe but could not use the glue needed to apply it. The N/G can be glued, but it has integrated nailing plates within the sole that can take up to eight nails, making it easy to apply with no glue involved. Its translucent material also allows the white line to remain visible during application, which is a plus.


EasyShoe Flex Light

The Flex Light is a very lightweight, all-urethane shoe. It provides a lot of the benefits of the Flex line without the extra cost of the spring steel that comes in all of the other Flex styles.


EasyShoe Flex Full Metal Heart Bar

The Flex Full Metal Heart Bar has a spring steel core throughout the entire shoe. It provides the most support and rigidity of any of the EasyShoes.



EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar

The Flex Heart Bar has spring steel throughout the perimeter of the shoe, but the frog support in the middle of the shoe is only polyurethane. This feature makes this shoe adaptable as you can cut out part or all of that polyurethane.



EasyShoe Flex Open Heel

The Flex Open Heel is similar to the Sport in a lot of respects. The Flex Open Heel was designed to be a multi-use shoe that could be nailed on.




EasyShoe Versa

The Versa is the most economical choice of all of the EasyShoes. The Versa also has the largest size selection with only a 4 mm difference between each size. It is the only EasyShoe with nail holes ready to go for easy application.


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