“Your boots saved my horse, Hope.”

Two years ago, Hope had a severe allergic reaction to her Spring vaccines. She ran a high fever for days and developed laminitis in all four feet. And then she foundered in her two front feet. The coffin bone in her already clubbed left hoof almost dropped through her sole. The vet and our hoof care specialist, who has saved countless lame horses, didn’t hold much hope for Hope. But, Hope is such a sweet mare, has always had such great heart and would try anything that I asked of her. So, I had to try. I had to save her.

Working with several well-known hoof care practitioners, one immediately put her in Easyboot Rx Therapy boots. The boots gave her enough comfort to gently walk her out to a private pasture just for her. The short walk to and from the pasture everyday and to the water trough several times a day was about all that she could do. But, it was enough to encourage the circulation in her hooves. And her hooves began to heal.

Hope 2

It has been a long two years, allowing her hooves to heal and her body to recover from the damage done by her allergic reaction. And in that time, she has worn the Easyboot Epics, the Gloves and she is now in the Old Mac G2 hoof boots. Her hoof shape changed that much in the course of her recovery and each boot had a purpose that served her and kept her comfortable and moving.

Hope now wears the Old Mac G2’s with the 12mm pads and gaiters. And she wears them every day, all day, rain or shine while she is out in the pastures.  We do take the boots off every night when we bring her in. I love how easily the boots hose off and, when placed in front of a fan, they are dry and ready to go the next day.

We are going to put Hope back under saddle this Spring and plan to start trail riding (short rides at first) again. We are considering the Easyboot Glove Back Country for those rides. Can’t wait!

Hope 3

Tell everyone at EasyCare that they don’t just make horses’ protective hoof boots, they make horses’ lives better. And sometimes the hoof boots EasyCare makes even save horses’ lives.


Cynthia Stephens, Georgia