I went to one of my favorite places on earth last weekend: Blackhawk Pass in the San Juan mountains. It's a 20-mile round trip and every step of the trail is stunning. The temperatures in Durango are already in the lower 90s, but the air up there is cool and fresh and there are still patches of snow along the side of the trail.

The summit is at 12,153 feet and the views towards Telluride and Lizard Head are breathtaking. Getting there tests the horses and the boots. But being at the top of the mountain is one of the most liberating experiences I know. I made a short video of the ascent.

We're launching a video contest in July called 'Let's Go'. There will be some very enticing cash and product prizes given to the winners. So if you're already out on the trail at beautiful locations, start collecting some video footage now – even if it's with your smartphone. Details of the contest will be rolled out at the beginning of July.

So get out your cameras and swtich on the video function. And keep up the bootlegging!


Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.