There is an inevitable moment that boot users dread where there time has comeGlad I've got my boots on! to lose a boot. Even the most seasoned users can loose one and no matter how well you plan ahead it still sucks.

Unlike with iron horse shoes that are nailed in to the horses hoof, you don’t have to worry about the nails ripping out chunks of wall out but if you don’t notice and your horses hooves aren’t conditioned to the terrain, your horse could become really sore.

The majority of boot failures come from operator error. So if a boot fails try and figure out what caused it. Many of our glues work best in certain temperatures so make sure that the glue you are using is the one that suits the climate.

The biggest problem we have seen with the Glove is that people seem to size them to big. Remember that it is supposed to “fit like a glove” and that any gaps can become a problem.

There are also tons of tips out there on how to help the performance of your Easycare boots.

The benefits of natural hoof care are worth the learning curve of loosing an occasional hoof boot. Remember to always carry a spare and to check your protective hoof boots like you would any piece of equipment that you put on your hose.

Easycare offers a 45 day guarantee in case the boots don’t work out for you, so be sure to take us up on it if something does go wrong!