I’ve written several blogs about Julie from Action Rider Tack and her and her horse, Kalena. Our discussions have taken us to a whole new area and, thus, together we have created another blog. Thanks Julie.


Julie: Here are the pix. Easyboot size 0 Glove Regulars bruise her (Kalena) heel bulbs. Size 0 Glove Wides are much better, but a bit too wide. I think that I will try them anyway with (Mueller’s Athletic) tape. I measured her three times and her measurements don’t fit into either boot – 106W by 105L. I think what happened is that with the trim that I was doing before,the 0 Glove Regular worked just fine. Now, I am trimming a little differently and her hoof is wider and shorter.

Julie - Kalrena's heel bulbs

Dee (that’s me): It’s hard to tell from the pictures because we just have the back of the boot; however, I think (with these measurements) that an 0 Glove Regular would fit width wise, but would be sloppy in length. That is probably what is causing the bruising. You know, like when people wear shoes that are too long, it causes blisters because the shoe is slipping up and down on the heel?

But, with these measurements, I don’t know why she’s fitting into an 0 Wide, it seems way too big.

Julie: I guess it shows how subjective measurements are. The 0 Wide is a little too big,but I am going to try it. I will let you know what happens. Her back feet, which are longer, of course fit with no rubbing into a 00.5.


Julie - Kalena 0W

Dee:  You are so correct. That’s why we always suggest Fit Kits before actually purchasing the Glove boots. We (at EasyCare) are dealing with a flat size chart and our customers are dealing with a round hoof. With EasyCare’s other styles of boots, like the Epic or the Trail, the boots are more forgiving in fit and they can be adjusted. But, with the Glove, it is so dependent on what the hoof looks like and the way the horse is trimmed. And, obviously, we can’t see through the phone and even pictures can be misleading depending on camera angle and distortion.The weekend comes and goes and now it’s Monday morning:

Julie: I tested the 0 Glove Wide over the weekend in mud and wet riding conditions. I used the knowledge that we gained before and put a comfort pad in the boot. Even though her hoof measurements say there is no way – the boot stayed on just fine and there was no heel rubbing. Up hill, mud, down hill – it all worked just fine.


Dee: Are you kidding? How is that possible with your measurements, that the 0 Wide Glove would fit? Did you use (Mueller’s Athletic) tape?Julie says: (smugly) (just kidding Julie) No, I only used a comfort pad, although I carry the tape with me.

Julie goes on: I think the take away lesson here is to keep trying, even if your horse doesn’t fit into the charts. I won’t give up because I will never put shoes back on her (Kalena) again and she needs hoof boot protection.

The moral of this story: You may have to try multiple Fit Kits to get a good fit. And if all else fails, call Customer Service at EasyCare and let our friendly, helpful staff help you.

Dee Reiter


Customer Service

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