Many horse owners are embracing the back-to-barefoot trend when it comes to their horses’ hoof care needs. Going barefoot is certainly more natural for the horse, and in some circumstances, going barefoot is healthier and safer for the horse than traditional shoeing.

However, there are many horses that don’t need traditional shoes, but can’t go over all types of terrain barefoot without some discomfort or pain. This is where Easyboots come in. Easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, and easy to use whenever your barefoot horse needs some protection, comfort, or relief from rough terrain.

So what’s preventing you from giving them a try and improving the well-being of your barefoot horse?

Is it the cost?

We’re always glad to talk about the price point of our Easyboots. We strive to make them as affordable as possible without sacrificing the quality of our materials.

If you’ve had your horse in traditional shoes in the past, have you calculated the total cost of each of those shoes, what it costs to have the farrier apply them, and how often you have to replace them? Have you compared that cost to a pair of Easyboots?

Today, we still have customers buying replacement parts for Original Easyboots that they purchased pre-2005. Depending on how and when you use your Easyboots, as well as how you take care of them, a pair of Easyboots can last you and your horse a long time.

We also offer gently-used Easyboots in our Certified Used Program, where you can purchase many of our Easyboot styles at over 55% off. What a bargain!

Is it not having access to local trimmers or dealers?

You may want to talk with someone in person, and get recommendations from someone who has seen your horse and your environment first-hand. You may also want to touch the boots and examine them before you commit to purchasing them. We understand completely.

EasyCare has a long list of retailers, veterinarians, and hoof care practitioners located on our Dealer Locator page. There you’ll find names, locations, and contact information for our dealers all over the US and around the world who may be able to help you in person. If there aren’t any in your area, our dealer list grows every month, so keep an eye out for new dealers!

Is it the process of finding the right fit?

EasyCare does have a variety of boot styles that all have their own, unique sizing chart. We realize this can be daunting when you’ve never used hoof boots before. That’s why we’re here to help. Our Product Specialist Team is available to answer all of your questions and provide recommendations based on your needs and desires by phone or email Monday-Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm MT. Call 800-447-8836 or fill out a Contact Us form on our website and we’ll email you back as quickly as possible.

We also have years’ worth of posts on our blog answering many of your common questions. We have a Youtube channel with video instructions, and we have a lot of information on our website. We recommend starting with the How Do I Measure? page on our website.

Is it the hassle of returning your boots?

EasyCare offers a 45 Day Guarantee on all of our products. This Guarantee allows you to return your Easyboots for a full refund (minus a small restocking fee) within 45 days of purchase. We take them back in any condition for any reason within that time frame, so you’re welcome to use them as much as you’d like. We want to make sure they work like they should, and that you and your horse both like them before you decide to keep them.

If your Easyboots don’t fit correctly or you don’t like them for any reason, we strive to make the return process as simple as possible. Simply fill out the return request form on our website, and a Product Specialist will be in touch soon with a return shipping label and further instructions. Once your return package reaches EasyCare, we will process it and apply your refund to the credit card you used to purchase your boots within ten business days.

EasyCare wants to make your entry into the world of hoof boots as painless as possible. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We’d love to help you find your first pair of hoof boots today!


  1. Using your Dealer Locator page was so easy. I had no idea there were so many dealers in my area! Thanks for reminding me that you have this resource.

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