Submitted by Karen Bumgarner, Team Easyboot 2015 Member

The reality of success really isn’t far from the squirrely line, as we have to be flexible. Some where on one of those curves is a small setback but with some problem solving we overcome and keep going in the pursuit of success. With each small failure we get stronger and a bit smarter, again continuing towards the goal. If it was easy, heck anyone could do it.

Success is more than knowledge, it is learning new tricks, like adding SikaFlex to the Gloves for added stability and cushioning from rocks and concussion.​ Or remembering old tricks and using a bit of Mueller tape to enhance the boot fit.

Success is all three horses finishing the 55 miler. Here’s my daughter, Andi Sorrell, myself, and Beth Nicholes, all finishing Top 10 at Owyhee River Challenge, all three horses in Easyboot Gloves and Epics. Beth placed First Junior with my gelding, The Big Brass.

Photo by Merri Melde.

Success is keeping the horses fat, sound, ready to go and happy throughout the year. Not an easy task either, gives new meaning to the term management skills.

Success is maintaining healthy hooves and knowing what to do when problems arise. After some heavy rain and mud everywhere, we switched from the Gloves as they wanted to turn without Sikaflex. It was so wet and the hooves so water logged that I didn’t even want to try “Sikking” boots on. So here is Brass with his Epics in front and they never budged!

Success is not just finishing the Northwest Appaloosa Distance Championship but finishing in style and in second place!

Photo by Laura Spear.

But the BEST success is the team of Beth Nicholes on my gelding, The Big Brass, winning the PNER Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides Junior Championship and tieing for Junior Best Condition horse. Brass’ hooves have never been shod, they’ve only ever sported Easyboots. They stayed healthy for 415 AERC miles in 2015.


Photo by Steve Bradley.

Yes it was a successful year, thank you EasyCare!