Submitted by Sabrina Liska, Team Easyboot 2011 Member

Thanks again to Star for this great story! The saga of “IT”, soon to become HRH Princessen Fiona.

My hubby and I spend most of the summers in Flagstaff. When needed, I help at Arizona Equine Rescue by hauling horses. Two years ago in August AER called and asked if my hubby and I could run over to Albuquerque and pick up two five year old ponies. We didn’t have anything going on so off we went. The first pony is led from the pens and is just the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. She’s a POA/Arab/Mustang X that has the perfect head, is black with white spots all over her body, even has white stripes in her mane and tail. Every little girls dream.. Then “IT” comes lumbering from the barn. This is NO PONY.  “IT’s” 14.2 and broad, a dun with all the striping, even on it’s head, the white on both sides of it mane and tail and black/white feathers on it’s legs. I’m thinking Fjord/Draft X? I looked at my hubby and said “Who would ever want to adopt it?” So in the trailer they go and off to stay with us in Flagstaff until AER can arrange transportation.
The adorable POA X pony went to Southern AZ as a companion horse and is living happily ever after. “IT” was scheduled to go to a therapeutic riding facility. Only one little problem: “IT” knew nothing – didn’t load, lead, clip, tie, trailer and certainly wasn’t started to ride. Her feet had never been trimmed in her five years of life. “IT” also had no concept of the human space, if a person was in the way she would just move the human or squish it. “IT” also had this amazing ability to rearrange the pens by picking them up and pulling them out of the ground. She would also stand with her front feet on the top of the dutch door of the barn as if to ask “Am I supposed to be in here?” I wish I had a photo of that.
I asked AER if it was OK to work “IT” before she trashed the entire property — OK, that’s the cleaned up version of what I really said. AER said to go ahead. I began working with “IT” and realized she is extremely smart, willing and learned quickly. In just 30 days she was working perfectly in the round pen doing inside and outside turns, stops and coming to the center. She was also accepting the saddle and working over obstacles. Since I do the ACTHA rides, obstacles are a requirement around our barn. Her idea of a spook is to freeze & snort — that’s it. Then, if at all possible, she squishes it: her answer for everything.
When I called AER and asked to adopt her I think she was surprised. “IT’s” name is Fiona. My trainer has worked with her and she is now under saddle and a complete joy to ride. She has a big powerful forward trot and smooth to sit. There isn’t an obstacle out there she can’t do or squish, depending on her mood. She is one of the best horses I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and work with. People who own Fjords say they are smart, funny, opinionated and bond with their humans. This is certainly true for Fiona.  Fiona is very regal and elegant that’s why we call her HRH Princessen Fiona.
 HRHStory of the Feet
Fiona was raised on a ranch north of Albuquerque and pretty much ran free on a lot of land. Her feet weren’t in bad shape just a bit long which is saying a lot since she had never been trimmed. Her first trim was a bit of a hassle — OK, it was a real pain. She fully understands her power. When the trimmer would pick her foot up she would try her best to rake it down his leg and squash his foot. I swear she aimed. She didn’t really do it out of anger just sort of “leave me alone”. He only got her front feet done in three hours. My hubby (bless him) started working with her on picking her feet up. My hubby is 6’3″ and is strong enough to let her know he’s not giving in. In no time she was standing fairly well for the trimmer but my hubby needed to hold her. Rusty Toth became our trimmer last October (2010).  Rusty works well with Fiona and she is standing better all the time. She stands in the cross ties and doesn’t squish Rusty. Which is a very good thing.


The Quest for the Right Boots
Since Fiona came to live with us two years ago she has grown a bit, she is now 15+ hands. My hubby’s pet name for her is Big Foot. Needless to say, finding the right pair of boots for her has been a challenge. We looked at many brands. We bought or tried a few and sent them back. The boots either filled up with dirt, were too small or didn’t stay on. Rusty suggested the new Easyboot Trail boots when they came out. They fit wonderfully and are very easy to put on and take off. They are perfect for riding the trail. Oh, I forgot to mention that Fiona wears a size 9. We try not to mention the size of her feet, or butt for that matter.

Fiona is a great horse with personality plus and I’m thankful to AER for letting us adopt her. I would like to thank Rusty for putting up with her during her brat phase and for caring enough to find the right boots for HRH Princessen Fiona.