I was reading an article on the 5 reasons why Apple is so successful and it got me thinking, EasyCare and Apple are very alike.  Below are five of our keys to success.

1. Experience – EasyCare has been in the alternative hoof care business for over 40 years! Our name is synonymous with hoof boots, we are the Kleenex  with in our industry. The Easyboot name is recognized worldwide and people associate us with an experience or memory and have been doing this across multiple generations.

2. Innovation –  At EasyCare innovation is our lifeline. We listen to our customers' needs and work very diligently to create a positive experience. 12 new SKUs in as many years. No company will outwork us when in comes to innovation.

3. Constant Change – EasyCare is constantly making additions or improvements to our product line. Whether it's exploring new markets or redesigning the tread or closure system to an existing hoof boot.  If it can be done better, we will find a way to make that change.

4. Marketing – Over 30,000 Facebook fans, a website with over 300 pages of content, over 500,000 people have watched videos on our YouTube channel, educational blogs, monthly newsletters, worldwide distribution, and a twitter account

5. Creativity – EasyCare is a solutions company. Being creative is how we stay ahead, just look at some of our closure systems over the years: Boa Dial, Cable/Buckle, Velcro, Adhesive, Strap/Buckle, Bungee and Power straps.

Brian Mueller


Director of Sales

As the director of sales, I am responsible for identifying new dealer opportunities and building on existing relationships to foster ideas and create additional growth.