These past few weeks have seen below normal temps for much of the U.S., leaving some barefoot practitioners with a little time on their hands.  Pam Dunkle of Barefoot Performance and Rehab of Bozeman, Montana sent this funny photo to me this morning.  The subject line simply read… Bored in Montana……..
         Sanity Saver
Pam wrote, "Things happen in Montana when it is below zero for extended periods of time……    
No kidding!! 
Pam, being in the business of fixing horses can now add this to her resume.  With great skill she addressed the problem and added protective horse boots.  Easyboot Gloves with pink power straps…there, pure perfection!

This time of year usually gives barefoot trimmers a chance to catch their breath a bit and regroup.  Now is the time to go through your inventory and get lined out for spring.  Boots, parts, pads.  Don’t get caught behind the ball and have to wait for inventory.  If you are a practitioner plan your Fill Your Truck orders now!