Today is the last working day of the year for EasyCare and the EasyCare staff.  It’s the final day of a wonderful year and a year that marks significant progress for natural horse products and Easycare boots.

It’s a year that I’m very proud of.  I’m proud of our hoof boot products, I’m proud of our EasyCare team and I’m proud of the accomplishments and relationships with our customers.  From my perspective, the top ten moments and accomplishments of EasyCare’s 2009 are.

Starting at #10 and working toward #1.

10.  Seeing my father test Easyboot Gloves during the last holiday break roughly a year ago.  We used the Gloves on the front and rear feet of a cutting horse.  I knew when the test was done that we had an incredible horse boot on our hands.  The buckleless horse boot didn’t twist or turn.  Most amazing was that no sand got in the boots.

9.  The Easyboot Glove was used by GE Cyclone at the Strawberry Fields endurance event.  Cyclone was awarded two best condition awards and on the way to a nine best condition season for Cyclone and Gloves.  Strawberry was especially important because of the deep mud and nasty conditions.  Many people at the race became firm believers.  For EasyCare it was a “show me don’t tell me” moment.

GE Cylone at Strawberry Fields
Cyclone and Gloves at Strawberry Fields.  Back to back best condition awards in super muddy conditions. 

8.  We started doing Easyboot Glove fitting videos and we were all blown away by the ease.  Yes, it’s really that easy.

7.  Our dealers ordered our new products for 2009 and quickly reordered.  Reorders were followed by additional orders.  Inventory turns make dealers happy!  Our dealers that embraced our new products had the best hoof boot sales in history.

6.  EasyCare gambled at the toughest 100 mile horse (Tevis Cup) and really put our new products on the line.  Over 80 Easyboots were used at the event and we logged a 70+% completion rate.  Not bad compared to the 50 year completion rate average of 50%.  Two of the five horses showing for the Haggin Cup were fitted with Easyboots.  It was a sink or swim moment for EasyCare!

Tennessee Mahoney and Salty finish 6th place.
Tennessee Mahoney and Salty had an impressive sixth place finish.

Thats #10- #6.  I’ll list #5- #1 in a seperate blog post over the the next couple days.