I posted last Friday about the wonderful year hoof boots and EasyCare has had.  The Friday post was the first part (#10 to #6) of the top ten moments and accomplishments of EasyCare’s 2009.

From my perspective, the top 5 moments and accomplishments of EasyCare’s 2009 are.

5.  Easyboots win and receive Best Condition at the 100 mile AERC National Championship!

Chris Martin’s Monk wins the AERC 100 mile National Championship.  Monk was ridden by Lindsay Graham.  Monk also won Best Condition. 

4.  EasyCare makes a conscious switch to social marketing platforms.  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Newsletters will be part of our marketing plans for the future.  The Easyboot Facebook page continues to grow with discussions, photos and interactions.  Fun stuff.

Easyboot Facebook

3.  The Easyboot Glove won the 2009 hoof protection product of the year in Germany. Special thanks to Bernd and Claudia Jung of HufShop.  HufShop has been an instrumental partner and is responsible for the hoof boot growth in Germany.   

Easyboot Glove is awarded2009  hoof protection of the year
Pictured (Rosi Schnitzenbaumer, Bernd Jung, Dr. Alexander Wurthmann)  Bernd holds the Hoof Boot of the year award in the middle.

2.  The Success of the EasyCare $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest.  It was an incredible year for the contest.  Over 50 horse and rider teams logged a total of 21,301 miles wearing Easy Boots over their horses hooves.  The most in the history of the contest. 

Congratulations to first place winner Carla Richardson and horse SS Kharady Khid.  This incredible team logged an impressive 1,560 miles wearing the new Easyboot Glue On.  The new Easyboot Glove, as well as the Easyboot Epic and Easyboot Bare were seen quite often at these competitions. 

One of the highlights of the contest was 6th place junior rider Kadee Felton.  Kadee competed against the adults and was personally responsible for fitting her own boots.  If a 12 year old like Kadee can do it, you can do it.

Kadee Felton on the way to a 6th Place Finish in the $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest

1.  2009 has once again shown EasyCare how special our customers are.  We are so lucky to be in an industry that revolves around horses and great people.  EasyCare would like to personally thank all of you and wish you a Happy Holiday season and healthy 2010.  

Happy Holidays from EasyCare

Happy Holiday from EasyCare!