Welcome to On the Hoof, a blog dedicated to helping both aspiring trimmers and barefoot horse owners better understand hooves and trimming. I hope you’ll find this a great resource for learning more about barefoot hoof care. Look for it on alternative Thursdays.

Back in 2000, I first began to explore the idea of taking my own horses barefoot. There was precious little good information on barefoot trimming available, and only a handful of training programs. Trimmers were few and far between, and invasive techniques were popular. Finding any information, let alone reliable information, was a daunting task.


As the internet grew, so did the amount of information available on barefoot trimming. These days, the hard part is sifting through that sea of information and plucking out the good stuff.

I remember my first nail-biting, knee-knocking trims vividly. When I finally felt confident enough to start trimming professionally, I knew darn well how hard good information was to come by. Over the years, I’ve made it my mission to help both clients and aspiring natural hoof care providers understand how we go about keeping a horse sound and healthy barefoot. So when EasyCare asked if I’d like to write a blog on the topic, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Barefoot techniques come and go, and solid science on the topic is materializing slowly. Take it all in, but let the horse’s soundness be your ultimate teacher. The best trimmers are the ones who question everything, and never think they know it all. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else!

Disseminating good information is as vital to advancing barefoot hoof care as a good trim. On the Hoof will try very hard to do just that!