After returning from Tevis, we were soon on the road again to Danville, Illinois for the final Selection Trial where the last ten were to be selected to represent the USA at the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. 29 riders and 33 horses were still vying for a spot on the team. I took two horses, Stars Aflame and TC Mounshine.

Illinois welcomed the riders with swarms of extra large horse flies, over 90% humidity and temps between 90 and 103 F. The western horses were drenched wet just standing tied to the trailer. Garrett Ford and Kevin Myers prepared Easyboot Glue-Ons for us that were giving us more grip on the highly anticipated wet grass and mud.

The additional grooves provided better traction on the course. Shortly after the test run started, the sky opened up with torrential rain and turned the trails into slippery mud in no time. We were sure glad to have the added profile on the sole of our protective horse boots.

Tennessee Mahoney rode TC Mounshine and I rode Stars Aflame. Both horses were equipped with the Easyboot Glue-Ons shown above. Sean Mahoney and Christina Long crewed for us. A big Thank You goes out to them for their effort and help.
Tennessee did an excellent job riding TC Mounshine to the end of the test trial, but I had to call it quits after 42 miles. On that day, Stars Aflame had more difficulty to adjust to the hot and humid climate. In the end, however, neither one of my horses were selected to go to Kentucky.

I left the next day and drove about 1,000 miles to meet up with Tennessee and Sean at their home near Ft. Collins, Co. After some short discussions, we glued Easyboot Glue-Ons on a couple of horses, Just Magnum for Tennessee and Asamaan, aka Mandy, whom I also had taken with me to Illinois. I wanted to have a horse to ride in some local rides there, in case I was to be selected and were to stay in the Midwest till the WEG in September.

After a short discussion with Dian, Tennessee and Sean we decided to attend the two-day Horse and Rider event near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. After a six hour drive, we arrived at base camp at 10.000 ft elevation way up in the Rockies. Dian and Tarnia Kittel from Australia met us there with additional horses they had transported from Moab.

As often happens at base camp, riders see our booted horses and are curious about the Glue-On Easyboots and Easyboot Gloves and want to learn. So most of the time I’m teaching ad hoc mini clinics on how to trim hooves and glue on boots or use Easyboot Gloves. So it happened again at this ride.

Here I’m explaining and demonstrating the application of Vettec Adhere to the boot shell wall.
After applying the boot, I make a couple of taps with the rubber mallet to assure the dorsal hoof wall is seated well inside the boot.

I also demonstrated removal of the Easyboot Glue-Ons after the second day of the event. Many interested riders still have questions about proper Glue-On boot removal. I demonstrated how a large flat-headed screwdriver is placed between the hoof wall and the boot, then tapped with a rubber mallet to separate the boot from the wall until all the bond is loosened. After picking up the horses hoof, the screwdriver is then inserted on the distal side between the boot and hoof and the boot carefully pried off. It is an easy procedure, but it helps if you watch someone do it a couple of times. Next time you see me at a ride, I’ll gladly give you a demonstration after the last day of the ride. I’ll be at Bryce Canyon 5-Day Pioneer Event next.

The trail at Horse & Rider was very challenging: lots of elevation gain and loss. The whole trail was at an elevation between 9,500 and 11,400 ft. The horses were definitely challenged. I had ridden Mandy quite a bit during the last 6 months. She is fit, but she exceeded my expectations big time. In spite of traveling with me to Illinois, being exposed to severe attacks by flies and hot temperatures and extreme humidity, then traveling back to Colorado in a marathon drive, she performed flawlessly, won the ride and received BC. Tarnia Kittel rode Kat, the mare who had the unwanted adventure at Tevis when she fell of the trail below Dead Wood, and we both tied for first.

On day two, I rode DWA Powerball to a first place finish. Dian had brought him for me from Moab. Tarnia Kittel was second on our horse Taj Rai Hasan, aka Husky. Tennessee Mahoney received BC on Khyber.

Here, Tarnia trotting out Husky for BC judging.

Overall it was another big success for the Easyboot Glue-Ons. Booted horses finished in the top two places and received BCs both days. What more can you ask for? The boots will help you succeed. No doubt about it.

So long,

Your Bootmeister