Congratulations to Kris Gray for winning our photo contest this week!

Kris submitted these photos of herself and her Tennessee Walking Horse, Rocket Man (aka TJ) competing in recent North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) events. TJ is wearing Easyboot Gloves

Kris loves the Easyboot Glove. She owns three Tennessee Walking Horses that all wear them.

Kris says, “I love this boot because it is easy to put on/take off, stays on, even in the ‘sticky mud,’ is lightweight, streamlined/not clunky and it doesn’t impact/interfere with my horse’s gait.”

“I do Competitive Trail Riding with the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) and the Gloves always hold up to the long distance riding and varied terrain, as well as the many miles of conditioning.”

Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Kris!

You, too, can enter to win a 20% off coupon for any product on the EasyCare website just like Kris did! To be considered, please submit a photo of your horse(s) visibly wearing or using an EasyCare product, along with a brief description of the photo and why you chose EasyCare products. Please send photo submissions to:



  1. I look forward every week to see what the winning photo will be–this one is so eye-catching!! I just love hearing about all the riders who use Easyboots. Please keep the pictures coming!!

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