Congratulations to Sanoma Blakeley for winning our photo contest this week!

Sanoma submitted this photo of herself on her purebred Arab gelding, RA Ares Bay (also known as Goobs), at mile 70 of the Tevis Cup. The Tevis Cup is an annual, highly competitive, 100-miles-in-one-day trail ride near Truckee, California.

Sanoma says, “I absolutely love EasyCare products, and I actually won the Tevis Cup this year using Easyboot Glue-Ons. They are the only hoof protection I will use for Tevis!”

We’re so happy to hear that, Sanoma. Thank you for sharing your photo with us, and congratulations on your win!

Sanoma and Goobs at the Haggin Cup the morning after their Tevis victory.

You, too, can enter to win a 20% off coupon for any product on the EasyCare website just like Sanoma did! To be considered, please submit a photo of your horse(s) visibly wearing or using an EasyCare product, along with a brief description of the photo and why you chose EasyCare products. Please send photo submissions to:


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