Congratulations, Kim! You won the photo contest this week!

Here’s what Kim shared with us:

This is Sunny and I returning from a nice ride at the Gettysburg National Battlefield in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago.

Sunny is a 13-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. Notice what a ham he is…. looking directly at my husband Jeff for his picture! Sunny is “personality plus” and loves life, people, and adventures!

As you can see, he is certainly enjoying the great protection he is getting from his EasyBoot Gloves.

Sunny is currently rehabbing from a laminitis flare (sadly he is most likely pre-Cushings Syndrome in spite of all my efforts in nutritional support). Since I keep him in a very tight trim, he could not be without these great boots that have kept him walking comfortably. We use a slightly larger size to accommodate either the thick or thin red Comfort Pads. We have had a couple of “boot debacles” because the boots are more like bedroom slippers, but for the most part, they stay on great, even when he is running with his herd.

I am not a newbie to horses…. been at it over 50 years. The advancements you folks have made in hoof protection over the years has been a lifesaver to so many horses, allowing them to stay barefoot, natural, and sound. Those of us who prefer this kind of approach are so grateful!

Many, many thanks!

Thanks for sharing with us, Kim! We’re so glad to hear the Easyboot Gloves are helping Sunny!

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