Photo Credit: Leslie Granger

Congratulations, Olga! You won the photo contest this week!

This photo was taken at a Gateway Harness Club event in Innsbrook, Missouri. Here is Olga’s story about it:

This is Jacob, an American Belgian who worked to earn his living on a farm for most of his life. He has arthritis and ringbone as a result of his hard work in his past life, which makes him achy.

We have been working with our vet and farrier to manage Jacob’s condition, but nothing seemed to help enough to allow him to work completely comfortably.

His hooves are almost 8 inches in diameter. Boots don’t normally come in this size. Our farrier is not able to make metal shoes for Jake. We have only a few farriers in the area willing to trim draft horses.

I decided to try the Easyboot Epic in the largest size available hoping they would fit and they did! Not only did the boots fit, they made Jacob instantly more comfortable. It is hard to explain, but I believe that walking in these boots teaches him to walk a certain way that is more comfortable. Jacob walks without limping after wearing his Easyboots, which is just amazing.

After working in the boots just four times, Jacob was able to go on a five-mile drive! Jacob walked and trotted up and down hills on gravel roads. He had good traction pulling a heavy cart with two people in it.

The picture above was taken at the very end of this five-mile drive on the way back to the trailer. Jacob is sweaty, bright, and happy. I couldn’t have imagined this kind of performance from a pair of simple boots.

Thank you for making such a great product, EasyCare, especially for the big guys!

Thanks for sharing with us, Olga! 

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