I have had my Missouri Fox Trotter mare, Isabelle, for a little over a year and when I bought her she was shod, used only lightly for trail riding, and a broodmare. I keep all my trail horses barefoot so the first thing I did was pull her shoes and put her in Easyboot Epics for our trial rides.

This photo was taken after we just climbed up a pretty rugged mountain in Northeastern Arizona in the White Mountains.

She has converted over to barefoot wonderfully and I often don’t need the boots anymore on normal terrain. But whenever we don’t know where the ride will take us, or we know we will be climbing mountains or encountering rocks, we always bring along our Easyboot Epics. They allow us to go comfortably over any terrain while still keeping my horses barefoot, which I firmly believe is healthier for their feet.

I think that Isabelle and I are a barefoot success story!

Name: Kim B.
City: Pinedale, Arizona
Country: USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic