There’s a lot of information on hoof care to sort through online nowadays. To save you some time searching, we thought we’d recommend something new you can watch, something you can read, and something you can listen to.


This is a great video to watch if you want to be inspired by an incredible dressage horse. This is Amy Goker Neave riding Flor De Selva.

This is one of the first dressage horses to really showcase the Easyboot Glove and the Easyboot Glue-On. Flor de Selva is in Easyboot Gloves in the video. We’re so happy to see more and more acceptance of the barefooted horse and hoof boots in a wide variety of equine disciplines.


This recent article on is a great read if you’re starting to think about making changes to your horse’s hoof care plan for the winter.

If your horse is typically in standard shoes, removing them for the winter can give the feet time to rest and “result in benefits to the caudal hoof, relaxing contracted heels, growing healthier frogs, and strengthening the structures in the back half of the foot especially.”

Easyboots can be a great tool to keep your horse’s hooves protected while they are transitioning to barefoot.

Transitioning a Horse to Barefoot for the Winter


EasyCare dealer, Alicia Harlov of The Humble Hoof, has an excellent podcast “for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse. Each episode we will explore a topic in regards to the hoof or focus on an interview with a professional in the hoof care world.”

Alicia drops a new episode every other Friday. This episode on Hoof Boots: What You Need to Know with Sara Hunt (another EasyCare dealer at Spectrum Equine) is a great one to get you started.

Please share anything you’re loving to watch, read, or listen to right now!