There’s a lot of information on hoof care to sort through online nowadays. To save you some time searching, we thought we’d recommend something new you can watch, something you can read, and something you can listen to.


This video offers a look into EasyCare President Garrett Ford’s research and new product development process.

This potential new product would be a soft, EVA boot, similar to a human’s Croc shoe. It could come in handy in several different situations, such as putting it on a horse’s sore hoof so it’s more comfortable when you’re trimming/shoeing the opposite side or putting it on very sore hooves simply to get the horse moving.

We’re excited to see how they will wear over time, how well they will stay on, how long it will take for a horse to compress them, and how they can be manipulated on a sanding belt.

If you’re in need of a product for a sore hoof right now, though, don’t forget about our best-selling therapy boot, the Easyboot Cloud.


This recent article, Horse Care: When Less is More, on explains commonly applied practices horse owners and caretakers tend to overdo.

The author, Dr. Nancy Loving, recommends keeping things simple. She says, “Your horse might be better off when you realize he needs less meddling, maintenance, and medications. You might find yourself with more time and money on your hands with which to enjoy your horse, as well.”

Farrier care is an example of one area where sometimes less is more. “Many farriers and owners apply shoes and devices to horses’ feet without the benefit of a basic hoof examination and a fundamental and sensible trim. In many cases a good trim can solve a number of challenging foot issues,” states Dr. Loving.

EasyCare agrees that a good trim can do wonders for your horse. Check out our advice on what to look for in a qualified trimmer.


EasyCare dealer, Alicia Harlov of The Humble Hoof, has an excellent podcast “for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse. Each episode we will explore a topic in regards to the hoof or focus on an interview with a professional in the hoof care world.”

Alicia drops a new episode every other Friday. This episode on The Body’s Role In Hoof Care is a great way to learn about how weakness in the body can affect the feet, and what we can do about it. Alicia and her guest, Celeste-Leilani Lazaris, discuss crushed heels, high/low, low palmar and plantar angles, NPA, and more. Celeste is a trainer and bodyworker whose focus on the thoracic sling and surrounding soft tissue has helped many horse owners and professionals identify the missing link to a horse’s hoof issues or chronic lameness.

Please share anything you’re loving to watch, read, or listen to about hoof care right now!


  1. EVA foam is huge for building props and costumes. The brand of superglue that you sell is one of the top adhesives to use on EVA besides contact cement and hot glue so it should work fine.

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