We wanted to share a success story that our customer, Madison, shared with us recently. She has had a great experience using the Easyboot Cloud

I love your boots!

I work for Baruch Reining Horses. We have an older gelding in our barn that got foot sore. Our vet recommended we put Easyboot Clouds on him to help him. When I put them on I could almost immediately see this horse feeling better. His overall expression became more relaxed.

Less than a week ago this horse couldn’t walk without stopping because of the pain. His “momma” and I cannot thank you enough for this product you’ve made. I am a lifetime customer now!

So many horses need these – show horses, training horses, and trail horses.

I am planning on using these on our show horses when we travel to help them perform better.

Thank you isn’t enough for the relief you’ve provided my one-in-a-million horse.