This follow-up video to Final Proof 1 from the Swedish Hoof School demonstrates how you can compromise hoof mechanism by improper trimming just as easily on a barefoot hoof as a shod hoof.

Hoof mechanism keeps the hoof alive and supplies tissue with nutrition by making it possible for the hoof to adapt to external conditions and heal from wounds. Traditional opinion states that when the hoof is pressed against the ground or a shoe, the bottom of the hoof widens. This video shows that is not necessarily the case. It also shows frog pressure is important for a healthy hoof.

This is another example of how important it is to find a good natural hoof trimmer and be educated on all aspects of natural hoof care and natural hoof care products.

Shari Murray


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  1. Thank you Shari, for posting this. It is really well done. Another proof for using Boots and have frog support. The frog should be level with the hoof wall. Sometimes, if the frog protrudes beyond the hoof wall, the frog can get bruised. Especially if the horse travels a lot on hard ground or rocks.One could also see clearly the importance of proper M/L balance.