EasyShoe accessories can aid in many therapy situations. Take a look at this EasyShoe package helping a horse with PPID (Cushing’s disease).

“After collaborating with the vet, this application was chosen to help with poor HPA and heel pain. This horse is sensitive to the hammer, so nailing was not an option.

The goal was to add mechanics to the shoe package to relieve the force on the heels while taking leverage off of the inflamed lamina. 

We started with the EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue, then added the Versa Grip Plug to make the shoe more rigid and protect from debris.

Finished it off with the Versa Grip Rocker attachment to relieve heel concussion and strain on the lamina as the horse moves off. Slightly grinded the edges to reduce the medial lateral leverage on the turn.”

Application by Daniel Meegan, Natural Barefoot Farrier.

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