Written by Ross Keller, of Keller Equine Services in Parker, Colorado

Ethel has been in my practice for eight years, and during that time I have been managing her chronic laminitic founder.

Until the advent of the Easyboot Sneaker in the Narrow Pattern size 00, I did not have a good boot option for her.  This boot, equipped with a 6mm, medium-density comfort pad, provided the best pain relief that she has ever achieved under my care.

The Sneaker Narrow Pattern is especially well-suited to the donkey hoof, as it has a narrower width relative to length.

The size 00 fills the size gap between the Easyboot Mini size 3 and the Easyboot Cloud size 00, and provides a great new option for therapy boots for the standard donkey with smaller feet. The double closure and high cuff also allow the boot to be securely fitted.

In Ethel’s application I added socks over her hooves for a more snug fit and to help keep debris out of the boot. Miss Ethel is moving well in her boots and keeping up with her partner, Lucy!



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