The last time that we saw Tina, she was "blonking" along barefoot, while she was waiting for her EasyCare Boa Boots to arrive in Australia. Well, the boots have arrived and here is what she says:

"Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was waiting til my hubby could come out and take some pictures of me riding Tori in her Boa boots. We tried them on when they arrived last week and they seemed a good fit. Yesterday, I rode her out in them for the first time. She seems to really like them. She powered over all of the sharp gravel and rocks around our place like a 4 x 4! And when we got on a level bit of trail, she did the most massive, springy, extended trot and canter. She seemed very pleased with herself! The boots stayed on well, althought the one on her biggest, roundest fore did a little turn. I’ll tighten it a bit next time and see if that helps. She did give the boots a workout, including a huge 180 degree shy at one point. She may be a draft cross, but she is rather an active mover. Thanks for your help, Dee. I’ve got lots more trail riding planned now that we are "all-terrain!"

And then I received another email from Tina today and she goes on to say, "We got some pictures today. The weather has been very hot but today it was windy and rainy. So, I put on my drizabone and aussied up for you."

And here’s Tina and Tori in her new EasyCare Boa Boots:

Tina has had Tori barefoot for about six months now and the transitioning process is going very well. Tina is a firm believer in natural horse care, natural hoof care and, when needed, protective hoof boots from EasyCare!


Dee Hoime


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