The first EasyCare product of many to be released in 2016 holds promise for a variety of individuals and their horses within the hoof care world. Garrett Ford, EasyCare’s President, CEO, and Product Creator, has been developing and testing this commodity for a year. It is now ready to be born to the EasyCare product line up. It’s a boot… It’s a shoe… No, it’s a Flip Flop!

The origination of this product sprouted when Garrett identified commonness in glue on product failures. Because the hoof wall expands and contracts, the glue bond is sometimes prompted to crack at the quarters and heel area. What if EasyCare could offer permanent hoof protection that doesn’t require a bond to the quarter area of the hoof wall?

The Flip Flop presents the most simplistic glue on application process of any product on the market today. It can be modified to fit hooves of diverse angles and hoof abnormalities. It can be used in conjunction with sole packing techniques and the Easyboot Therapy Click System. The Flip Flop can be used for arena disciplines or endurance or to support the casual trail horse.

Lisa Ford upon Dirham, on their way to a first place finish wearing the Easyboot Flip Flop.

EasyCare is excited to offer the Flip Flop to you beginning February 1st, 2016. The Flip Flop will kick off a great year of innovative product releases to promote healthy horses and happy riders. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.



Mariah Reeves

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My focus is on educating myself relating to all things hoof and horse care to customize your EasyCare product experience. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance another equestrian lifestyle.