Like most people, I used to depend on my farrier to keep my horse trimmed and did barefoot trims every 6 weeks. Living in Washington, there isn’t a big choice of farriers with barefoot trimming experience. Some say they know they barefoot trim, but not all of them do. My mare soon developed under-run heels, so I kept looking for the perfect farrier to deal with this.



I eventually decided to do it myself. I’m somehwhat of a perfectionist and so I read every book I could find and I and watched every video I could find. Now, a year and half later, my mare is getting perfect feet. We’ve gone thru a lot together, but I would just read about how to deal with the issues I was having.



Education is amazing. We are now in a Size 1 Boa Horse Boot and before she was a 0. Pictures are before and after, and we are still at it.

Name: Shellie
City: Oakesdale, Washington, USA
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove