I have used Easyboots for years, then I tried your Easyboot Epics and loved the addition of the gaiters. Although I liked those boots, it wasn’t until Nancy Fedrick fitted by mare with the Easyboot Gloves that she has truly been happy. Janie is an Arabian who is 25 years young. She loved her new boots from the first day at EasyCare and she is happy when I get them out and put them on her. We can run at top speed, jump logs, climb the Santa Catalina Mountains and traverse muddy water filled washes – I have not lost a boot yet. This photo doesn’t show your boots very well, but we just came down from the hills and the dog hitched a ride home.

Name: Tracie
City: Oracle, AZ USA
Equine Discipline: Pleasure Riding
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove