Did you know that you can turn your Easyboot Glove into an Easyboot Glove Back Country and vice versa? The Easyboot Glove and the Glove Back Country both share the same form-fitting chassis. With the purchase of accessories, you can easily convert one to the other. To convert your Glove to a Back Country, you would need to purchase the Cordura upper and the Comfort Cup Gaiter.

To remove the Glove gaiter and apply the Back Country accessories, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver. You will start by removing the three screws that hold the Glove gaiter in place. This will leave you with just the shell base.

Your next step will be to apply the Comfort Cup gaiter by screwing it into the same three holes that the Glove gaiter just came out of. Your final step will be to apply the Cordura upper. If your Glove had a power strap, you will need to remove the power strap and apply the upper by screwing it into the holes where the power strap was fastened. If your Glove did not have a power strap, then you will need to locate the two perforated circles on the front of the shell that indicate where your holes will go for the upper application. You can use a leather hole punch to create the holes. Once your holes are there, you will fasten the upper via those holes and the screws provided. 

You now have an Easyboot Glove Back Country!

Submitted by Tina Ooley, Customer Service Representative