Easy Dasin Sallee, rider Liz Holder, photo by Creedence Lyte.

Show me the money! What’s not to love about this fantastic shot. Cowgirl Liz Holder sent us this action packed photo of her making a clean run at a BBR barrel race in Alvarado Texas. She is riding Easy Dasin Sallee and indeed making things look easy sporting Easyboot Gloves with a solid time on this run of 16.379 seconds. There were 365 runs at this race putting Liz about 53rd in the pack.

Liz’s husband Johnny is an EasyCare dealer and natural hoof care practitioner where they reside in the big horse country of Weatherford, Texas. Johnny says this particular horse just runs better in hoof boots and Liz agrees and says the horse just loves them.

The Easyboot Glove weighs less than an iron horse shoe and provides ideal traction. Adding a Power Strap ensures optimum performance in this high speed event. Johnny said he did groove the tread on these boots for added traction but since then has given the new Quick Studs a try. The proof is in the pudding as they say. The next race Liz used the Gloves as before and turned in a 16.3. The next day they added the Quick Studs to the Gloves and shaved two tenths off their time for a 16.1. Out of the 212 runs that day this put the team at the 7th fastest time and straight to the pay window. Needless to say Johnny and Liz are sold on the Glove and thrilled with the performance gained from the use of the Quick Studs.

The Glove has proven to be a fantastic competition hoof boot. Fitted correctly there is nothing this boot can’t handle or place it can’t take you.

Where do your EasyCare hoof boots take you?

Debbie Schwiebert