Jayne Perryman and her horse Tucker have just gotten involved in the sport of endurance riding. They are enjoying success with barefoot trimming and the use of protective horse boots. Jayne’s boot of choice for Tucker is the Easyboot Glove boot.

Jayne and Tucker really love their EasyCare Glove boots and she uses them on her training rides also with great success. She has already achieved over 250 training miles on her front boots, along with one 25 mile competition. Tucker wears a size 1 in the fronts, and a 0.5 in the hinds.

He just moves right out with his boots, so Jayne knows they are working great for him. This is one horse that won’t be having any horse hoof problems on his rides, he has his protective horse boots on!

Congratulations Jayne on your success with using hoof boots and barefoot trimming. Here’s wishing you many happy miles in the world of endurance riding!

Here is a great picture that Jayne shared with us of her and Tucker at the September 2009 Calero Ride.

Tucker in Glove boots at the Fireworks 25 LD Ride.

Posted by Nancy Fredrick