Written by Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

We have all had to get creative about how we continue adventuring with our horses during these times of COVID-19. Many competitions have gone virtual, whether it is a Western or English show, NATRC (North America Trail Riding Conference) mileage and obstacle challenge, or even a virtual Tevis 100! We are seeing many people escape and social distance through camping this year. In the Durango, Colorado, area, campsites are full, RV parks are booked up, and the wilderness is seeing an influx of hikers and riders.

I generally do NATRC, which involves some weekend trailer camping with my horse. This time last year, I booked a campsite at Custer State Park for August 2020. Luckily, COVID-19 didn’t completely cancel my plans! We traveled 1,500 miles round-trip, which included 4 days of riding and 4 days of travel.

My horse spent all of her time in the trailer fully-booted in her Easyboot Clouds. We were able to stop at the halfway point overnight and let the horses out to stretch their legs. Pistol Annie was in good shape with her Easyboot Clouds! I wanted to do some experimenting on how they would hold up in turnout, as well as in the trailer. I kept them on her for the drive up, about 6 hours, and checked them when we arrived at our stop for the night. There was no rubbing or heat build-up, so I turned her loose in about a half-acre paddock. She spent the night cruising around with her buddy, Dino.

We don’t recommend that horses run in Easyboot Clouds, but as an EasyCare Product Specialist, I thought I would test their durability.

I did wake up to a horse with only three boots on. She managed to pull out of one of her hind boots, but she was trotting and cantering around so I wasn’t super surprised. I slid the boot back on and she wore them until we arrived at camp that evening. Almost two full days in the boots. This was under dry conditions, and she spent most of that time just standing in a trailer. But I was happy with the performance of the boots and happy to help her not stock up during travel.

On the way back home she kept them on with no issues, but I put her in a smaller paddock overnight on our stop so she wasn’t so rowdy and didn’t move around as much.

Pistol Annie and I were both grateful to have Easyboot Clouds for our trip!