Every year for the past four years I have gone riding on sections of the Colorado Trail with my friend Debbie who is from Boston. Each year when we finish, I start dreaming and planning for the following year. While the elevation at my home is close to 7,000 ft, on the trail we reach elevations well over 12,000 feet. The altitude can drain your stamina, especially when you are a low lander from Boston! Because of this, the booting duties are left to me. Debbie is a former forest ranger and has a wealth of knowledge that comes in handy in the high country but there is only so much oxygen to go around.

I carefully trim and fit both horses before we head to the Rocky Mountains and picking the right boots is foremost in my mind. I have tried most of the EasyCare line – from the Original Easyboot to the new Easyboot Glove Back Country and I love all of them for different reasons. I was so pleased with how the Back Country handles rough terrain. The one boot I have not tried yet is the Easyboot Glue-On but the idea of one less task on a frigid morning sounds nice. It seems like it would be so much easier for me to just leave those boots on for the week we take to ride the trail. This year I need to take the time to try my hand at gluing. A good practice run will be in order and I’ll let you know how it goes.

This year we will be starting near Lake City and traveling to Durango. When we arrive in Durango we will have completed nearly 500 miles of unbelievably beautiful trail! I am so excited to be on our last leg of this amazing journey and grateful to have had Easyboots along with us.

Carol Crisp