My horse, Topper, is wearing protective hoof boots for therapeutic reasons. She is a 22 year old registered Morgan with Cushing’s Disease. As you probably know, Cushing’s makes horses much more likely to founder. Topper came to us having foundered in her past and her coffin bone is significantly rotated.

She comes very close to foundering each winter, as the shorter days increase the likelihood, in some fashion, that I don’t quite understand. In any case, Topper had such sore feet last winter that we were considering putting her down. Instead, our veterinarian formed rubber wedges to move her weight on to her toes and we were holding the wedges to her feet using the Easyboot Gloves.

She has been wearing Easyboot Gloves on her front two feet twenty-four hours a day for four months now. She is doing very well; running, jumping and playing. We are happy, too, as the Easyboot Gloves have saved us a tremendous amount of work. We started out taping the wedges on and that meant re-applying daily. Then, we went to the Easyboot Glove and we only needed to reset (and clean) the Gloves about once a week, depending on her activity and how bad our sucking mud was.

Now, we have gone to the Easyboot Glove Back Country boots and this design seems to work even better for Topper. Even when our Border Collie convinces Topper to run up the fence line, bucking and kicking across the mud, the boots stay on. Now, we reseat and clean the Back Country boots on a regular schedule, since they never come off on their own.

We couldn’t be happier.

Jim Hampton