This has been an ongoing discussion since as far back as I can remember. A lot of our team at EasyCare feel that comfort pads should not be used in the Easyboot Glove because they affect the fit. Some of our customers that use the 6 mm comfort pads in the Gloves and they have told me they are successful.

Here is a story from Julie Campbell from Action Rider Tack at the Limestone Challenge.

Here is a picture from our ride: we are heading out from the vet check for loop #2. The Gloves stayed on fine; however, there was evidence of a gaiter rub. I had put 6 mm, firm comfort pads in the boots and, perhaps, they caused just enough of a different fit to cause a rub. I took the pads out at the vet check and smeared on some desitin. The rubs did not get worse or cause her to be pulled. In fact, once I took out the pads, she began to move better.

Julie and Kalina at the Limestone Challenge

The moral to this story? Yes, the pads do affect the fit. If you are having trouble with gaiter rubs, if you find that you are losing hardware, if your gaiter is ripping or if you are losing a boot – you may want to try the Gloves without the pads and use Goober Hoof Pack instead. Goober Hoof Pack can be used as a flexible hoof packing for extra cushioning. Use a standard caulk gun to dispense.

Comfort pads work great in any of the other Easyboot styles.

Dee Reiter


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