Gibbs Christmas Parade

Yes, it is the most glorious time of the year, Christmas Parades, family outings and plain old fashioned pleasure riding! Here is Chris and his mare Jula sporting EasyCare’s Glove boots, following the Gibbs Christmas parade in Corryton, Tennessee. It was in celebration of his high school football team’s winning season. They are featured in Kenny Chesney’s Boys of Fall video. Congratulations team – Good Job!

Christmas Parade 2

Chris’s Mom, Katy, wrote us us that her horses have always been barefoot and really never needed hoof protection. Natural Hoof Care and keeping up with trimming kept her horses fit. When they purchased Chris’ mare in October she came to them shod with awful cracked and flared hooves. The Glove boot made an amazing difference because they were able to ride her right away without waiting for Jula to transition to being barefoot. Jula is obviously very comfortable as she covered several miles on asphalt, thanks to protective horse boots.

Trail Riding Jula

Chris and Jula enjoying a nice day trail riding through the woods. Jula is comfortable in all types of terrain as we can clearly see. Thank you for sharing your great experiences with EasyCare. Have a great holiday season.

Marcie Mendoza