Winter came upon us so quickly this year we hardly had time to prepare. With the snow and ice many people deal with, keeping your horse barefoot is very beneficial when dealing with balling of the snow, since the bare hoof is better able to shed snow and ice. Snow is great for many winter sports except when under your horse’s feet!  If you plan on doing some winter riding keep the Easyboot Grip in mind. This boot is especially designed for use in snow, as shown in picture. Any of our Easyboots for horses such as the Easyboot Bare, Epic or Boa would eliminate snow balling and help avoid any horse hoof problems.

Also, keeping up with your scheduled hoof trimming will keep the hooves ready for spring riding.

EasyCare also has optional titanium-coated boot studs for traction on asphalt, ice or other hard or slippery surfaces. The studs (4 per boot) can be easily attached and removed when no longer necessary and replaced as needed.

Posted by Marcie Mendoza


  1. Do you think the easygloves will work in the snow too? with the studs? I live in Maine and just ordered 2 easyglove boots for my barefoot boy for winter riding…we have had a lot of ice here!

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