Submitted by Nonee High, Team Easyboot 2012 Member

Hi. I’m Nonee High. I’m 11 years old, and “time management” is already part of my vocabulary.

I have many different activities I love, but my main interest is Nanny, my Welsh Pony. For the last two years, she has been my best friend and ride. Before that, she was a sweet pony in the field, but very stubborn under saddle which made me very frustrated. Finally one day, with the help of my riding teacher, I decided I just was going to make it work and we have been doing great ever since.

Nanny is my girl.

She loves to jump and do trail rides. Those are our two special things. We are going to show in hunters this year and do our first endurance ride. I can’t wait! Sometimes, other kids ask to ride her. I always let them, but she usually reverts back to stubborn pony.  I kind of like it that she acts especially great with me.

I also have a 7 month old Arabian colt named Phoenix that we rescued with his mom last January. The vet said his mom was about as thin as a horse could get and still be alive. Phoenix was in better shape, but is still recovering from early malnutrition.

Finding Phoenix’ sweet spot has really helped in earning his trust.

And then I also have a 5 year old mare, Bella, a blue roan, probably a quarter horse cross. She came to us as a Premarin rescue at age 2. She loves to trail ride and jump, like Nanny, and is also very stubborn like Nanny, but I am determined this year to bring her along, like I did with Nanny. I hope she and I will become a good team, too. I will sadly grow too big for Nanny, probably after this year. Bella will be my next main horse I think, though Nanny will always be with me.

Besides my horses, I also dance (Highland Dance) play basketball and soccer, and participate in 4H. That is where the “time management” comes in.  

With the WV Highland Dancers.

I made this goal.

Each week, we have at least 3 after school activities. When we get home, there is homework, supper, and chores (we have 7 horses total, 4 goats with babies on the way, dogs, cats). Once a month we have 4H and sometimes we have extra 4H activities. Sometimes it is hard to fit it all in, and do my best in each.  

But I do try. And Mom and Dad say that is the main thing. Each morning, I am up at 6:30. I am the main morning feeder because Mom and my sister have to leave early most days. I like this better now that I am allowed to drive the tractor, though wet days are still just… wet. After school or activities, we all help out. That is when we all pile into the tractor “box” and take buckets and hay around to everyone. It is really fun.

Some of my 4H friends and my sister are helping me feed. That’s my sister’s horse Maggie and then my Nanny in the background.

I also have to do well in school, or else Mom and Dad will cancel my outside activities. Thankfully, I am a pretty good student so it is not too hard. I did my Social Studies Fair project this year on the History of Natural Hoof Care. My Mom is a trimmer and I want to be one, too, so this was an interesting topic for me to work with. I won 1st place at my school and county level! I did not win 1st at regionals, but I am still proud of my yellow ribbon. At least I placed! These photos are of my display, with paddock paradise model, and what I looked like presenting in trimmer clothing!

Back to 4H. This photo is one of an extra activity. Our club, the High Riders 4H Club, was selling tickets for our annual Spring Grand Prize Drawing at our local Tractor Supply. EasyCare has been an appreciated donor to the Drawing the last two years. In this picture, I am discussing the Easyboot Glove with a girl who has just switched boots from the Epic to the Edge. She was hoping to win another pair of boots in the Drawing! Unfortunately, she did not win the boots, though she did win a cool prize.  

Here is a photo of some of us at the Drawing. We raised over $2,000. Some of that money will be donated to On Eagle’s Wings Therapeutic Riding Center in Opekiska, WV. One of their lead instructors will be helping our 4H Club in April with ground work and communication. We hope to also volunteer some of our time with them. (They also have all their horses barefoot and using Easyboot Gloves.) In addition, we will have an “All About Balance” weekend in June with equine dentistry, massage therapy, balanced hooves and Centered Riding as our four pillars. We also hope to go on a horse retreat during summer and one of us will ride in a Buck Brannaman clinic in October. The rest of us can audit. So much to do!

Thanks for reading. Are you as busy as I am? How do you manage your activities and time?

Nonee High