Does this sound familiar – "Your horse cannot go barefoot because of thin hoof walls and soles, etc.?" We get calls like that every day at EasyCare.  Sydney’s owner was told by a vet and several farriers that she would always have to keep metal shoes on her horse.  When Sydney kept losing her shoes, her frustrated owner decided there must be a better way!

After some research the owner found that many barefoot horses were competing in endurance, jumping and barrel racing – and winning!  A good barefoot trim, EasyCare protective hoof boots and a lot of patience is all that is needed to transition your horse.

Posted by Shari Murray


  1. I was told my daughter’s quarter horse would have to be shod with "dental material" pads for the rest of his life to stay sound, after he cracked the tip of his coffin bone. He too is now a barefoot horse who is sound and happy on trail rides and gaming.

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