Shopping for boots is like shopping for pants. For most, it’s easy enough. Most people’s conformation lands somewhere within the bell curve. Those 32 x 32 Carhartt’s folded neatly at the top of the stack on the eye level shelf are just right.

For those of us outside the bell curve, things get hairy. For example, I tower a solid seven inches over the average 5’5″ height for an American female. A pair of 28 x 34’s (bottom shelf hidden behind 20 pairs of back stock for the bell curve people) should be perfect, but when I try them on, they aren’t quite right in the thigh, or the calf, or across the bum, or how high they come up (or don’t) on my waist. Those two dimensions on the label just can’t account for the three dimensional nature of people. Seriously you guys, it’s like I have to enter into the fifth dimension of some parallel universe to find the perfect pants.

I know, I know, so how the heck is my pants dystopia supposed to relate to your hoof boots? Stay with me here.

You started with your horse’s freshly trimmed length and width dimensions. You referenced the measuring guide and size charts. You measured the hoof (NOT a tracing) in metric instead of standard. You didn’t round off dimensions because you know we are a bunch of squares. You are armed with facts.

You are in the majority of riders whose horse falls conveniently within the bell curve of hoof confirmation. A quick comparison to the two dimensional size chart produces an easy answer. Your favorite tack shop has your size in stock so after resisting an impulse buy (matching saddle pad-polo wrap-halter set) and catching up on the local gossip you buy them. You get them home, try them on, and they are a perfect fit. Right off the rack. Cue the golden sunbeams and choir of angels. Hurrah! High five! Go play outside!

What’s that you say? Your experience went nothing like that? Perhaps your measurements weren’t matching up with any of the size charts. Maybe the measurements looked perfect on paper but when you tried boots on the top was all wrong (it’s that 2D vs. 3D thing). You’re overwhelmed and can’t figure out what is going to work for your special flower of a horse?

Not to worry. EasyCare customer service is here for you! Let us escort you beyond the boundaries of the space time continuum and into the fifth dimension: the realm of perfect fit. Chances are we have something to fit your horse, large or small. We even have minis coming soon!

Try our Fitting Assistant online. You can upload your hoof measurements and photos and we will contact you for a personal consult on your best options.

If you want EasyShoes, Flip Flops, Gloves, or Back Country boots order a Fit Kit so you can try before you buy. Let us help you make your booting experience out of this world.


Rebecca Balboni


Customer Service Representative

A lifetime of riding and showing sport horses has given me a deep appreciation for the importance of soundness and comfort on performance. Let me help elevate your equine experience by finding the right boot for your horse and unique situation.