Talk about some steep climbs and wild nature. Here is Prins, one of the world’s most seldom breeds, a North Country Horse (Nordlandshest) and Kjetil, (front) from Iceland, both well on their way to being barefoot horses that love their booties. These rugged and small horses are wonderful trail mates, but because of their small hooves and low heels we found that the 12mm comfort pads for Kjetil and 6 for Prins were necessary to keep the boots from rubbing their coronet bands. I’m glad we didn’t give up trying to use boots. I get such a good feeling looking out in the pasture knowing the herd is grazing 24/7 without shoes. Annika and I are looking forward to showing them off to the other riders on our next endurance ride. Thank you Easycare for making a better and healthier life for our wonderful mounts that we adore!

Name: Elaine Tjensvoll
City: Varhaug
Country: Norway
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Original Easyboot