The EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar is back and better than ever! The new and improved EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar offers an extended length and an additional size to fit a wide range of hoof shapes. This nail-on horseshoe continues to offer concussion absorption powers of polyurethane while a unique spring steel core provides flexibility and durability that encourages the hoof to flex with each footfall.

The Flex is a great option for endurance, trail, sport horse disciplines, and horses working on hard surfaces. The wide web design also makes the Flex ideal for therapy cases.

Did you know that the EasyShoe Flex made an appearance in the 2020 Summer Olympics? The U.S. Equestrian Team earned a silver medal in the dressage team grand prix special. Two of the three horses competed in the EasyShoe Flex. The team of Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters, and Sabine Schut-Kery totaled 7,747 points. The EasyShoe Flex was a vital tool for these horses.

USA wins Silver Medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar at the 2020 Olympics to be applied by Curtis Burns.

U.S. Olympian Adrienne Lyle is a firm believer in the benefits of the EasyShoe Flex. She shares with us:

“I am so thankful to have found the revolutionary Flex horseshoes from EasyCare! Every one of my top horses is now wearing them and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They provide great support to the foot, but also provide shock absorbing qualities to keep them comfortable when training and competing on all sorts of different arena surfaces. I have also had great luck with them on horses who tend to get foot sore or are sensitive after shoeing. Whether it’s for a top equine athlete or for your trusty old companion – I believe the Flex can keep them feeling and moving their best!”

US Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle and her horse Salvino competing in the EasyShoe Flex.

We are excited for you to experience the new and improved Flex for yourself! Let us know what you think.


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