“Show Me Don’t Tell Me” has been a motto behind the product testing at EasyCare since Dr. Neel Glass started using Easyboots in 50 and 100-mile endurance events. Dr. Glass first completed a 50-mile endurance event near his home in New Mexico. He tied for fifth place in the first Los Alamos Endurance Ride in 1973. Neel and his horse, Easyboot Dandy, then went on to finish the 100-Mile Tevis Cup in 1975. These first endurance successes in a non-metal shoe turned heads and got people thinking. Rather than tell people what horses could do in alternative hoof protection options, Neel and Dandy showed them.

Dr. Neel Glass and Easyboot Dandy getting ready for the 100-Mile Tevis Cup.

After Dr. Glass turned over the reigns, the tradition continued. I personally started looking for a horse that would allow me to be competitive in endurance events and test new hoof protection products. My first horse was an off-the-track Arabian that was racing at Los Alamitos under trainer/owner Bev Scott. Bajamingo was a 15.3-hand, beautiful bay that had tons of heart. Baja’s main hoof protection was the original Easyboot and the Easyboot Epic. Baja went on to finish the 100-Mile Tevis Cup and Big Horn 100 in Easyboots. Baja had a perfect record of 56 starts and 56 finishes, along with 8 Best Condition Awards. Baja was active in the sport of endurance racing from 1996-2003. He died at the family ranch in Durango, Colorado, and has a tree planted above his final resting place.

Garrett and Baja testing Old Mac’s in the mountains above Durango, Colorado.

EasyCare started the initial testing of the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On Shells in 2007. We were able to talk our good friend, Christoph Schork, into selling us GE Cyclone. GE Cyclone started out as my personal horse, and then went on the endurance trail to prove the effectiveness of the new Easyboot Glove. Cyclone was a touch short of the AERC Best Condition Championship in 2009 with 9 Best Condition Awards. My wife, Lisa, ended up the perfect partner for Cyclone finishing the 100-Mile Tevis Cup five times in the Top Ten. Lisa and Cyclone brought home the biggest award in the sport of endurance with the 2016 Haggin Cup. Cyclone raced all of his miles in the Easyboot Glove or Easyboot Glue-On Shells. Cyclone ended his endurance career with 48 starts, 44 finishes, and 12 Best Condition Awards.

Lisa and Cyclone on the way to a top-ten finish at the 100-Mile Tevis Cup.  

Cyclone winning the 2016 Haggin Cup.

Nouveau Rich was our first flat-track Arabian. EasyCare started racing flat-track Arabians to test the EasyShoe Compete. Nouveau won his first race and got EasyCare hooked on the sport. Nouveau went on to successfully race in endurance, as well, with 10 starts and 10 completions. He ended up with 4 Best Conditions before his career ended because of a pasture injury.

Nouveau Rich winning at Delaware Park in the first EasyShoe glue-on prototypes.

RB Rich followed Nouveau on the track and raced his entire career in the EasyShoe Compete. Rich won in Delaware, Texas, Colorado, and California. He was also selected to race in the $1,600,000 race in Abu Dhabi.

RB Rich getting ready for his biggest race in Abu Dhabi. Erik McNeil up, Liz Brand trainer.  

RB Rich’s feet in Abu Dhabi. EasyShoe Compete.

The Fury came at the right time. EasyCare decided to target the 100-Mile Tevis Cup as the ultimate “Show Me Don’t Tell Me” event. The Tevis Cup is viewed as the most difficult equine event in the world. It’s an event that has less than a 50% finish rate over the last 65 years. The Tevis Cup is an event where you can’t fake success. Fury finished 8th at his first Tevis Cup, and came home with the 2010 Haggin Cup. In 2012, Fury won the Tevis Cup. Fury started every mile of his perfect endurance career in Easyboot products. Fury is now retired, with a perfect 33 starts, 33 finishes, 15 Best Condition Awards, 1 Haggin Cup, 1 first place Tevis Cup, and 5 Top Ten Finishes at the Tevis Cup awards under his belt.

The Fury winning the 2010 Haggin Cup.

The Fury on his way to finish 1 of his 5 Tevis Top Tens.

The Fury winning the 2012 Tevis Cup.

The Fury! All business on his way to another win.

RB Kindle was our most successful racehorse. After a slight tendon injury due to poor hoof care, we brought Kindle home. We got her out of aluminum plates, rehabbed her feet, and got her racing (and winning) again in EasyShoe products.

Kindle’s feet in the aluminum plates coming home from the track. Long toes, underrun heels. Easy to see why she was hurt.

Kindle’s feet after some TLC.

Kindle in the EasyShoe Compete. Hooves in much better condition.

Kindle winning in California.

Kindle was sold to Al Shahania in Qatar! She went on to win several races in Qatar.

EasyCare horses have been an integral part of our product testing over the years. They have positively shaped all of our hoof boot and EasyShoe lines. These horses have been out there showing the world, rather than telling the world, the amazing feats they can accomplish with the help of some alternative hoof protection.