graph of poll on barefoot in winter
The did a poll recently where they asked 910 of their readers, "Do you change your horse’s shoes during the winter? Results are below:

   My horse is always barefoot:  51.69%  (475)

   Pull his shoes for the winter:  21.33%  (196)

   Keeps his shoes on year-round: 14.58% (134)

   Put on special shoe/pads for snow: 9.25% (85)

   Other: 3.16% (29)   

The results of this poll were really telling to me. Although it is a relatively small sample, more than half the respondents have chosen the barefoot lifestyle for their horse. Many people also mentioned that they are also using protective horse boots with studs such as the Easyboot Grip or Easyboot Glove for their winter riding needs.

If you would like to read all the responses to this poll you can go to

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