The HiTie is back and will be part of the EasyCare product lineup for 2010.  We have product in stock and will start shipping the popular horse tether system soon.  The HiTie system can be purchased with either the HiTie Bungee or HiTie Clip accessories.

Take a look at the video and see how easy it is to set up your horse on the HiTie System.

HiTie Clip AttachmentThe HiTie Clip (Left) gives users the option to use the system with a lead rope.  The “Clip” attaches to the HiTie arm with a small piece of velcro so there isn’t a metal to metal attachment.  This is super important for those people using the system on living quarter trailers. A metal to metal attachment sends noise through the trailer every time a horse moves.

The “Clip” allows the system to be used with a lead rope and lead ropes can be quickly adjusted for differenet lengths.  The Clip also allows the lead rope to self adjust if a horse sets back.  Read more about the Clip here.

In addition to the Clip system we will still offer the HiTie Bungee (below).  The HiTie Bungee quickly attaches to the end of the HiTie and allows for height adjustment.