An important part of taking care of your client’s needs is boot sizing and fitting. Since the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glove Back Country are go-to boots for many of us, laying hands on the right shells quickly is crucial. Thanks to EasyCare’s comprehensive sizing we have more fit options. More options means a whole lot of boot shells in that bag. Where oh where is the 0.5W shell? Working on cloudy days with black Glove shells and having (ahem) older eyes had me rummaging unproductively in my Fit Kit bag. I’ve developed an eye for sizing within a couple of boot sizes, but finding that perfect shell efficiently among 19 sizes in a deep, dark bag? Need a new plan!
I tried a number of labeling methods. Here are two that I like. The first is that handy Mueller tape—it sure sticks on hooves, so I tried white tape on boots shells; perfect. When the wide shells became available, I used this method to distinguish them from regular sizes at a glance. It sticks and I could write huge numbers with my Sharpie in nice black and white contrast. 
The wide shell white tape labeling method.
Months later, it is still sticking, but looking a bit grubby and fraying at the edges. Will my labeling system fail? Meanwhile, sizes 4, 4.5 and 5 were added to the Glove line-up; time for more research. I found inspiration for the second method during an office day taking care of scheduling and paperwork. What is super-bright, super-white and found in many desk drawers? Correction fluid, aka “Wite-Out.” I dusted off all the shells and got to painting. No more dark and mysterious fit kit. Big white numbers beamed at me, saying “I am 0.5!” Way cool for less fumbling and more fun helping people enjoy their horses.
White-Out, wow that's bright!
Ruthie Thompson-Klein, Equine Balance Hoof Care