The Whole Horse Symposium LogoGet ready, don’t delay. The Whole Horse Symposium is just a few short months away! Set to take place at the beautiful National Equestrian Center at Lake St. Louis, Missouri. The Whole Horse Symposium is the place to be October 15-16, 2011.

The Event is presented by the Equine Sciences Academy who has worked hard to bring to the public an event that encompasses the whole horse. The event is wrapped around the idea that in order to have a truly healthy horse mind, body and spirit must all be nurtured and nourished.  

Education and awareness is what it’s all about. The event will help horse owners discover how managing their horse in a more natural and "whole horse" way can greatly reduce horse maintenance costs while increasing the horse’s overall well being. These concepts in natural horse care are changing the way we think about keeping horses today and are applicable to every horse and rider whether you are a casual trail rider or top level competitor.  

Be the best you can be for your horse and plan on attending the Whole Horse Symposium. Visit the website today for more details. 

       Here is a quick overview of the two day schedule.

Whole Horse Symposium - Schedule

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