The EasySoaker is perfect for a variety of applications where protection or treatment (horse hoof problems) the barefoot hoof is required:

1.Soaking and Poulticing
3.Clean, protected environment
4.Medication at wound site
5.Weight transfer (heel or toe)
6.Reduced concussion
Important: EasyCare recommends sizing up when purchasing an EasySoaker. Sizing up one to two sizes allows extra space for bandages and liquids to be used inside the boot. In addition, a larger size makes application and removal quicker and easier.

The EasySoaker is intended for soaking and medication purposes only. It should not be used for riding or turnout. You should practice application and removal of the EasySoaker before use with medications to insure a proper fit.

For more information about common horse hoof problem causes, treatment and EasySoaker application benefits, click here to download the brochure.

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